Papers will be allowed approximately 25 minutes under normal circumstances. Authors requiring more time need to contact the Conference Director, Dr. Mittal (Tel. 845-897-1654, Fax 845-897-2361, E-mail:, to make appropriate arrangements.


Presenters have a range of options for audio-visual support as follows:

1. MST will provide a digital projector for those who want to bring just a memory stick or a CD containing their presentation. This works out best for relatively straightforward presentations without videos or other exotic features.

2. Presenters can also bring their own laptops which can be plugged into the digital projector. This may be necessary if the presentation includes features that might not be supported by the available software.

3. Whereas the 35mm slide and the overhead tranparency have gone the way of the slide rule and the manual typewritter, nontheless facilities for using these relics of the past can be provided on special request. If you have legacy material you would like to present please notify the conference chairman at and the appropriate equipment will be made available. Please note that we need to be notified at least 1 week prior to the symposium.

Finally we suggest that all presenters have backup copies of their talks on either a CD or a memory stick.


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