1. General scientific and technical staff and management

Level: General overview

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 1 day


Diamond coatings are rapidly gaining recognition as superior materials for many commercial and industrial applications because of their unique properties, such as, extreme hardness, low coefficient of friction, highest thermal conductivity with electrical isolation, widest optical transmissivity, chemical inertness, and biocompatibility with blood. The focus of this course would be in the following technology sectors:

  1. Microelectronics:
    1. Diamond thermal heat spreaders for chip cooling.
    2. High thermal performance electronic packages for either tape automatic bonding, DECAL, wire bonded lead frame chip carriers or direct chip attach solder ball technologies.
    3. Cooling of high current, high voltage, high temperature devices such as laser diode arrays, high power microwave generators and high speed sensors.
    4. Diamond coatings for magnetic disks for wear prevention during start/stop operations of disk head components in data access storage devices.
    5. Diamond coatings for lithographic masks for wear and corrosion prevention with consequent improved mask life.

  2. Optics:
    1. Diamond coated optical fibers (fiber optic communications) for protection against moisture, oxygen and other degradative environments.
    2. Optical diamond coatings for windows or lenses as well as ultraviolet and x-ray detectors.

  3. Medical:
    1. Coatings for prosthetic devices.
    2. Coatings for artificial heart valves.

Target Industries

  1. General electronics and microelectronics companies
  2. Chemical and material suppliers
  3. Suppliers of processing equipment
  4. Suppliers of analytical equipment

Benefits to the Student

  1. Gain overview of diamond coating technologies.
  2. Understand advantages and disadvantages of diamond coatings.
  3. Learn strengths and weaknesses of diamond compared to competing materials.
  4. Gain insight into current applications.
  5. Learn future directions of diamond coating technologies.

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